Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tommy's 9th birthday.

My boy turned 9 this year, which made me realize how grown up he is already and how really fast time has gone by.  I mean, he's half way to 18 already!  So this might be a good time to reflect on the past, think about my current parenting skills, determine where we are at in our relationship, and where we want to be.  I'd like to see myself improving as a parent, and so this will be one of my key focuses for the next little while :).  I'm grateful for having two beautiful and healthy kids. ♥ 

We had a nice party in the local park - our favourite to do picnics.

Make a wish!!!

Having a "family" cake with our landlord Martine (yummy strawberry pie made by her), she is the most sweet lady I've met and really reminds me of my grandmother.

Looking very positive here :)

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