Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Czeching out Prague.

In August, Jakub was at a week long conference in Prague (most likely some very serious scientific stuff, just ask him about it.... :).  So this was my second summer visit to Czech Republic.  The main goal was to help out and share the long drive back with the kids, but of course I was not at all disappointed that I could squeeze in a day of sight-seeing in Prague with Jakub.

Prague is a very fun city to visit and I've always only heard positive comments about it from everyone.  This vibrant city of many faces offers a rich cultural and historical experience, hip nightlife, good food, cheap and excellent beer and of course a chance to meet beautiful people.  This gem has it all for the young and the old...and so we explored for one day and it was good times.

Quenching our thirst with the golden beverage ;)

Dumplings and Svíčková.  A very traditional Czech dish.

Hand made wooden spinning tops.

A visit to the Jewish cemetery and synagogue - very eye opening and sad.

A view of the Charle's bridge and Prague Castle from the Powder Tower.

Jakub walking on cobble stoned Charle's bridge.

For all the photos from Prague, click HERE.

In Brno I had some time to see my dad and Jana.  We went out for dinner to a really handy place (and these are actually very common in Europe).  Basically it is a Beer garden right beside a playground, so while the kids play, the parents can enjoy some food and beer without listening to the constant whining how boring it is.

Dad and Jana.

Only for the brave - raw meat and egg....the steak tartare.  Last time I ate this stuff was by accident when I was 18 or so, let me tell you I'll never do it again!

Half of the summer, Anna and Tommy spent with their cousins, Eliška and Víťa.  So it was hard to say goodbye.

Cheap child labour ;)

After all the summer fun, it was time to be a responsible parent once again, so we packed our "circus" as Jakub calls it, bought a beer keg, and off we went to Grenoble.    The 16 hour drive was not any different than before so the next day we all passed out and took it easy.

~~~~sweet dreams~~~~~

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