Wednesday, October 31, 2012

September weekend.

Finallly, it seems like we've settled into the school year again.  It's been very hectic in September adjusting to regular school hours and work hours, dropping the kids off to two different schools mainly on bikes, buying all the school supplies, attending parent meetings (some in French!), signing up the kids for extra-curricular activities, helping with homework...  All that with no family help, but somehow miraculously we managed.  After the first few weeks of all this, at last I had the time to renew my membership in the climbing gym and started climbing regularly as well as keeping up with semi-regular jogging sessions slightly uphill here where we live.  We also decided to start playing squash with Jakub once every two weeks, but it turns out to be rather pricey here in Grenoble.  Work is also still very fulfilling - so I am content as ever before.  The synchrotron is now in full mode again, hence Jakub has more than enough work, sometimes spending time there on weekends whether it's visitors that he has to take care of or his own experiment.  Not to mention that once in a while he has to go to a conference and I'm here on my own.  Therefore, when we realized we had one weekend that we could spend together as a family, we seized the opportunity and went on our probably last camping trip of the year here in France. 

Saturday was spent at an amusement park (Walibi) because we promised the kids to take them there again this year.  It was actually a surprise, so they had no clue we were taking them there until we basically arrived and it was neat to see them get very excited.  This time, Tommy went on most of the extreme rides with Jakub.  Anna and I just watched and I documented.  I'm sure Anna would go too though, if she was tall enough.

Tommy, who usually gets very plane sick, seemed to handle this totally fine.

The guy behind Jakub seems to be praying for his life and then there's the lady on the right.... :)

Aside from crazy rides, the park has a little zoo, and petting zoo, as well as pony rides, so we hung out there for a bit.

The goats seemed to be very intrigued by literature.

But chewing on clothes turned out to be more interesting at the end.

And even Tommy gave up on reading.

Pony ride with papa.

After a full day of rides, we headed to the Chartreuse mountain range where we set up our tent and camped out.

On Sunday we went on a nice easy going hike to Saint-Même, les cascades du Guiers (waterfalls). 

The morning was very misty and chilly, but in the afternoon the sun came out and it still felt like summer.
Cool cave on the way, so we checked it out.

Les cascades du Guiers

At the end of the day, we managed to squeeze in a bit of climbing at Rochers du Mollard.  We visited a good "family" climbing spot so the kids could also enjoy it.

That's all folks!


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