Saturday, March 12, 2016

Villard de Lans skiing March 2016

Today we went skiing to Villard de Lans because 1) if I don't kick the kids out of the house, they will stare into the computer for the whole day 2) this year has been way too warm, so might as well get out while the snow is still decent 3) spring is around the corner so this may be our last chance.

Considering the warm and not so ski-friendly winter, we still managed to do a decent amount of skiing this season.  It's true we had to visit higher resorts more often, but still we somehow managed to go to our usual "backyard" resorts, even though the conditions were not so perfect.  On a positive note, we got to ski in all kinds of snow conditions which is a good experience.

As you may have guessed by now the kids are getting better than Jakub and I, and are kicking our butts :))  I personally can't keep up anymore.  Anna is a speed demon and Tommy is the freestyle expert.  Today was a chillaxin' short ski session, so I decided to take my SLR camera and take some nice pics.  Enjoy!!

That sibling love.  Looking so peaceful and innocent on the photo.

Freestylin' it.

Anna following in the footsteps of her older brother or shall I say in the ski steps...

Oh yeaaaaaah.

Sunshine and ocean of clouds.

Random dude improvised ski chair.

Anna's best friend Saskia.

Vercors (foreground) vs. Belledonne (background). 

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