Friday, November 13, 2015

Charmant Som Multipitch with the kids. (East face slabs)

For Jakub's birthday, we usually try do do some type of outdoor family thing.  This year the weather is still incredible in mid November (dry, sunny and around 20C) so we headed out to conquer the Charmant Som from the climber's point of view.  Well actually the climbing was rather simple so maybe I should not say conquer ;).  It was very enjoyable though because the limestone here is grippy and the features are super cool - lots of neat cracks, a nice view of the Belledonne and Mt. Blanc as well.  What more could one wish for!!  The kids had no probs doing it (no surprise it's 3c).  Tommy seemed to walk up 90% of the slabs without using his hands at all.  I think our kids need something harder next time!!

Getting psyched for the climb!  Look at that sky (on Nov 11th)

Tommy and Anna were not too motivated at home, but we finally convinced them to come out.

The Belledonne in the distance.  You can see the miniature pic de Belledonne which we conquered with Jakub this summer.

Anna in the grooove :D

Jakub running out of rope already.

Hazy view of the Vercors.  The flat peak on the right Mt. Aiguille (another peak already conquered with Jakub :)

Friction climbing.

The very last cliff.

Hands free.

Our fam, Happy B-day Jakub!


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