Saturday, March 24, 2012

Venetian Carnival in Annecy.

In early March we went to Annecy to see the Venetian Carnival.  I thought this would be a very interesting and cultural experience and the event actually far exceeded my expectations!

You might wonder where the connection is between Annecy and Venice.   First, Annecy is located in the Savoy region of France which used to be part of the Italian Kingdom of Sardinia and has maintained strong cultural ties with Italy over the years.  (The Italian cultural Association in Annecy hosts several Italian-themed events each year.)  Second, Annecy is twinned with Vicenza, Venetia, Italy.  Third, if you strolled the streets of both towns, one similarity that would strike you the most, are the charming canals and bridges that cross through the historic town.  Hence, Annecy has been nicknamed "the little Venice" or "the Venice of Savoie".

The 3 day carnival that takes place in Annecy is a silent "promenade" by approximately 350 exquisitely costumed participants from different countries including a large proportion of models that have come here from the Venice carnival to show off their spectacular wardrobes.  Despite the crowds of tourists as well as professional and amateur photographers, it is an experience not to be missed.  There is something fascinating about the mysterious masked faces, the silent and elegant poses, and luxurious traditional finery in the backdrop of medieval architecture.

A nice little addition to the event was the Annecy Sunday market where one can buy some nice Savoy cheese, sausage, olives and fresh pastries (among other goods).

The costumes are colorful, very intricate and stunning.  Most of the participants make their own costumes which can take anywhere between 6 months to a year - and then it's time for the next carnival!

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  1. Petra: I am loving your blog. It is so well done.
    Wayne and I have been home a week now and finely got to open your Christmas Card..thank you both. We think of you often and MY are your children to you both, Glenna and Wayne