Thursday, March 8, 2012

Spring has Sprung!!

We went on our first hike this year.  Approx 12kms, 1000m elev.
Finally, the worst cold snap is over (I hope) and the temperatures are climbing back up again.  The garden is filling up with sweet smelling buds of primrose, daisies and wild violets.  When I go jogging, I'm noticing green shoots pushing their way out of the softening earth and a lizard sun basking here and there.  When we had 22C for two days, I was not complaining.  I really enjoyed the first signs of warmth and sunshine and we hung out outside all day long just lazing around on the blanket and playing "foot" with Tommy.  I helped my landlords weed out the garden and trim some rose bushes.  I love gardening, so I'm a bit hyped up about planting a few herbs in pots again.

By the way - our landlords are the sweetest couple I've ever met.  They are very nice, understanding, patient and helpful.  They invited us for a little "aperitif" one sunny afternoon at their outdoor picnic table and a few of the other extended family came to join us for some snacks, wine and good conversation.

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