Sunday, November 13, 2016

Jakub's Birthday Weekend

It's November 11th and while all of the world celebrates Veterans day, we here at home celebrate Jakub's birthday.  This year we spent two days doing just that.

The day starts off with breakfast in bed...

We then went on a super cool hike to the Moucherotte.

Birthday Man.

It was pretty coooold up there.
Pretty amazing views, winter wonderland overlooking Grenoble.

As we got higher there was heaps of snow.  Up to our knees and we met some skiers on the way.

It was much easier to go down than up.  The kids took turns sledding down.

In the evening we went to a Mexican restaurant, stuffed ourselves full and fell asleep. :)

The next day we had a small party at home so I prepped up some nice French food and a cake :))

I think it was a successful family celebration this year - happy birthday Jakub!

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