Sunday, April 8, 2012

Vaujany Spring Skiing

 Jakub's parents came to visit for a week for some March skiing.  They brought along Eliška and Vítek, my niece and nephew - perfect playmates for our kids.  They are each a bit younger than Anna and Tommy, correspondingly.  We had a place booked in Vaujany, a tiny village in south-eastern France (only 1 hr from our place).  Vaujany is connected to the large ski resort Alpes d'huez by a gondola, so ski access is rather simple.  The skiing was a bit more challenging as the snow had "soup" like qualities when it got very warm, but surprisingly it snowed heavily one day, which improved the conditions immensely.

I myself had completed half a day of skiing and then unwillingly had to succumb to a flu that lasted that whole week.  I think the rest of the crew had a good time skiing though and it seemed like they got better at it as the week went on.  I managed to go for a little walk on the last day of our stay and snap a few shots of the surroundings...and this completes the skiing season of this year :))

Tommy airborne doing a jump.

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