Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fresh Snow in the Mountains

October has been incredibly warm in Grenoble - I believe this is unusual here.  We've had temperatures hovering around the twenties all month except the few rainy days that hit early October.  That is when we got fresh snow in the mountains!  The Belledonne Mountain range in the East with its highest peak of 2977m is visible from our bedroom and the Chartreuse mountain range in the North can be seen from our bathroom window.  After bumming around at home for a while and being lazy during that soggy weekend, Tommy and I decided to go for a hike one day when both Jakub and Anna were sick in bed.  We wanted some excitement and we were determined to try and reach some of that fresh powder and hike around in it.  We headed to the Chamrousse ski resort in the Belledonne mountain range (elevation of approx. 1700m).  The hike was refreshing with some dramatic views and we enjoyed the pure solitude of the empty ski hills.

Looking out of our bathroom window in the morning.  The spectacular Chartreuse mountains capped by new powder.

Hiking around the Chamrousse ski resort.  We found snow!

Tommy said he enjoyed the fresh air :))

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