Tuesday, September 13, 2011

l'Ubaye rafting

In August, one weekend we went camping to the Ubaye valley.  Jakub's friend Emilian is a raft guide, so he was generous enough to take me and Tommy rafting.  Tommy went down a class III portion of the Ubaye and I went down a class IV.  We also met some new people and got to practice our French which I thought I forgot since I didn't speak it at all in July - but luckily it came back.  The kids spent the rest of the time playing by the river bank and in a mud pit.  In the evenings, we went to a nearby town, Barcelonette, a very beautiful place to hang out.   A Mexican/Spanish festival was underway so we enjoyed two open air concerts.  The first, our favourite, Zulu 9.30 has now become part of our CD collection.  It is Spanish reggae!

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